Having aspirations in life is a normal thing, whether it be big or small.

Many people aspire to flip pancakes without spilling the mix everywhere, or even to just be able to boil an egg properly.

(Below are some youtube clips to help with this if you’re one of those people).

But that’s nothing compared to Ipswich man Beau Stewart, who is currently making his journey down from Mt Everest Base Camp.

Mr Stewart decided his aspiration was to trek to the top of the world – well at least 5363 metres above sea level – with hopes to raise money for the Shake It Up Australia Foundation.

You may be thinking, but why climb Mt Everest? Doesn’t that involve a lot of training? How would one prepare for that?

Yes, Mt Everest Base Camp is up really high, the oxygen is very thin (about 50 per cent compared to down at sea level) and requires a certain level of fitness.

Picture 26 Mt Coolum’s stacked on top of each other, or the peak of Mt Kilimanjaro – that’s about how high we’re talking.

Here’s a few tips and tricks just in case you were wondering.

Mr Stewart told The Queensland Times he trained every day, walking up to 5km with a 10kg backpack, months in advance.

He even climbed a few local mountains during his prep.

Recently he posted a video to his Facebook page thanking everyone for their support (it’s also kind of reassuring that he’s still in good health).

On a side note, I, too, am trekking to Base Camp in just under three weeks.

Again, you’re probably thinking “why?”

Well yes, it’s true. I don’t have a cool story like Beau does. I just like adventure.

But seriously, if you were given the opportunity to visit (and climb) one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, would you?

Here’s the link to Beau’s fundraising page if you’re wanting to donate to his campaign.


P.S. What are your aspirations?

Feature Image Credit: Peter Liu, Flikr